"After more than nine years as a home for avant-garde, creative, and experimental music, Tonic will reluctantly close its doors on Friday, April 13th, 2007. We simply can no longer afford the rent and all of the other costs associated with doing business on the Lower East Side. The neighborhood around us has been increasingly consumed by 'luxury condominiums', boutique hotels and glass towers, all making the value of our salvaged space worth more then our business could ever realistically support."

......."As a business, we take responsibility for mistakes made along the way. If profit had been our chief motivation we could have changed our programming to something more mainstream and financially lucrative. Instead we were more committed to a certain type of music and loyal to the community that supported us. As a result, we've always just survived but never really prospered."

這是紐約最重要的前衛音樂表演場所關門的聲明。我在這裡跟Thurston Moore, Yoko Ono, Vicent Gallo閒聊過,因為這是紐約最不做作的場地,表演者和觀眾幾乎沒有距離。
今天,四月十三日,是他們的最後一天,John Zorn是最後一個關門的人。

這是紐約藝廊和live house一再上演的故事。上個月另一家店Sin É (你可能知道Jeff Buckley有一張在這裡的現場演出專輯)關門了,去年CBGB關門。



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dionysoslin 提到...

似乎每隔十年紐約下東城實驗音樂都有個指標性的場所,如八十年代中期開幕的Knitting Factory,九十年代的Tonic,到這幾年的The Stone. 可想見這些地方經常在租金與門票收入間的差距奮戰,Tonic可說是光榮畢業,還好我們都在不同時間點參與過某部分.

我的John Zorn, Arto Lindsay等人的回憶啊.....